Adding favicons to your site

A favicon is an icon associated with your website that is displayed in the address bar of a browser. 

To add a favicon to your website:

Step 1. Create your image/logo

Get the image of your logo. Square images work best for favicons so crop your image if possible. 

Step 2. Upload your image

Upload your image to Favicon Generator.

For a website, you will only need to 16x16 favicon.ico file. 


Step 3. Download favicon

Once your favicon has been generated, click on the 'Download Favicon'. This will give you a file folder with a number of different favicon files. Use the Favicon.ico file. 


Step 4. Upload to your site. 

Go to your site settings, go down to where it says 'Site Favicon' and simply upload your image. 


The image should now be displayed on the tab on the address bar when you go to your website.




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