Adding Pinterest board to your website

Step 1. Creating a widget

When you're on Pinterest, click on the 'Question mark' at the bottom right of the page. Click on 'Create widget'.



Step 2. Choosing your board/profile/pin and the layout

Choose the Profile or Board that you want to use and paste the URL in the URL section. You can change the design of the layout from here. 



Step 3. Copying the code

You will need to copy two codes from here. The first will be placed on your website page and the second will be pasted into your Custom Code section in your page settings. 



Step 4. Pasting the Custom <Head> Tag code

To paste the Custom code in your <Head> tag, exit your page and go to the page settings. 


When you're in settings, paste the code into the 'Custom <Head> Tag Code' section. Click Save and exit. 



Step 6. Pasting the embed code onto your page. 

Go back to the editor, on the page you want to add the Pinterest widget. 

Drag the HTML code widget onto the canvas and replace the text with your new embed code. 


Step 7. Publish and view your changes. 


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