Adding social sharing to your images

Step 1. Sign up to 'AddThis'

Go to and sign up using your social media or email. 

Step 2. Choose your tool

Choose 'share buttons' from the list of options.


Step 3. Choose your type of tool and design your buttons.

Choose the 'Image sharing' button tools from the list. 


Design the buttons as you like. When finished with the design, click Save and Continue. 


Step 5. Copy your embed code.

This will take you to the embed page. Simply go down to where the code is and copy it to your clipboard. 


Step 6. Paste your embed code. 

Back to your site, go to your site settings. Scroll down to where it says 'CUSTOM OPENING <BODY> TAG CODE' and paste the embed code into the box. 



Step 7. Save and view.

Save your changes and view your site. your sharing buttons should be on every image on your website. 




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