Adding site variables

Site variables are often used with project proposals that are built for a number of different clients.

Please note that this feature is available on the Plus plan and/or all agency plans. 

Step 1. Build your site using your variable.

Create your website and add the variable name into brackets. For example, if you're building a site proposal for a range of customers, enter {customer} to all the spaces where you want the name to change to whichever customer you are presenting to.  



Step 2. Add the variable into your settings

Go to your page settings, located at the top of your page.


At the bottom of the settings page, you will find ‘site variables’. Create a new variable and enter the name that you entered on your website ie. 'customer' and the name that you want to replace your placeholder. Eg. John Smith.


Step 3. Save and view your changes 

Click the save button and view your site to see if the placeholder has been replaced by your customer name. 



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