Section properties (how to access and what you can change)

For each section on your page, the name, background and height of the section can be changed.

Click on the sections button on the left side of the canvas. Double click on the section you would like to change and the properties will come up. 

1. The Section Type allows you to choose what kind of section you are creating. The different section options are Standard, Slideshow and Fixed Header (fixed header is for the first section only).

A Standard section has no specific characteristics.


A Slideshow section allows you to have a sliding carousel. Please note that the slideshow will only be active in a draft or published URL.


A Fixed Header section means that your header will remain at the top of the page, even as you scroll down the page.  

2. The Shared Section option will share this section across all of your pages. (Refer to Help Article 'Creating Shared Sections' for more details)  

3. The Section Height will allow you to change the exact height of each section. 

4. The Background Type provides three options; transparent, colour or image. The transparent option will be the colour of your page background (default white). You can also change the colour or upload an image for your background. 



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