Adding audio from Soundcloud

Audio players can be added from a range of different platforms. In fact, any platform that provides embed functionality can be embedded into your site. 

To add audio from Soundcloud

Step 1. Get Embed code from Soundcloud

Click on your track or playlist's 'Share' button. Go to the 'Embed' tab to preview the embeddable player of your choice. 

Copy the code snippet that is displayed.



Step 2. Add code to your site

In the page editor, drag the HTML code widget from the “Add” panel on the left side of the canvas. Once the Code widget is on the page, double-click on it and replace the text with the copied code retrieved from Soundcloud.




Step 3. Position and Size

Once in place, you can now drag the player around the page and position it exactly where you need it. You can also resize the width of the player by dragging the resize handles of the code widget.


Lastly, you can change the position and size to be optimized just for the desktop, tablet and mobile views.


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