Adding Wufoo contact forms

You can easily add contact and enquiry forms to by using Wufoo Forms ( Wufoo makes it easy for you create custom forms to collect all sorts of information on your website.

To add a Wufoo Form:

  1. Sign up to Wufoo (
    You can create up to 3 forms for free.

  2. Create New Form
    Under the forms tab click the 'New Form' button

  3. Build Your Form
    You can use there form templates, or you can build your form field by field. On each field, you can customise options such as whether the information is required, labels, character length and more. Lastly, don't forget to give your form a title. Remember to save your form once you have it just right.

  4. Setup Email Notifications
    Once you have your form make sure you setup notifications so when you get a new enquiry you receive an email.

  5. Share Form
    From the Form Manager click 'Share'. From this page, you will want to copy the embed code (see below for details). Copy and paste this code into your page. 

  6. Add Embed Code
    On your page, drag on a 'HTML Code Widget' to the page. Double click on this widget and then paste the above-mentioned embed code.


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