Creating shared sections

There will be occasions when you will need to create a section that will be displayed consistently throughout your site. Using the Shared section feature, you can achieve this. If you make any changes to a shared section it will flow through to all other instances throughout the site.

To create a shared section, Create or click on a section to make it the active section. Hover the mouse over the section properties menu located at the top right-hand corner and click 'Section Properties'.


Toggle the Shared Section checkbox and then click apply.


This section will now appear on all pages throughout the site.

Please note that when a section is shared on an existing page, it will appear at the bottom of the page that it was shared on. You will need to move the section to where you would like it. To re-order sections, go to the sections tab on the left of your canvas and drag them to where you want them positioned.  

To delete/remove a shared section, please refer to 'Delete Shared Sections' for details on how to do this. 





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