Adding index filters

Index filters allow for more advanced filtering of section indexes. These are commonly used for blog indexes, but can also be used for a wide range of indexes, for example a product catalogue or listing of staff profiles.

Index Filters are added within section properties - see below. In this example, the large featured blog post section at the top of is set to "max=1". This limits the index section to only show the latest blog post in that section.


These are the options available within Index Filters:

  1. max e.g. max=1 (show only 1 post)
  2. first e.g. first=2 (start at the second post)
  3. alphabetical e.g. alphabetical (order the posts in alphabetical order)
  4. random e.g. random (display the posts in a random order)
  5. tag e.g. tag=staff (display only posts with a " staff" tag)
  6. exclude e.g. exclude=self (exclude the current post from the index e.g. if it is showing other posts on the same page as a post)

Conditions within Index Filter can also be combined using the & operator, for example max=3&first=2 would show the first 3 posts, starting at the 2nd post.

Note that reordering the section "Newest to Oldest" or "Oldest to Newest" will factor in the logic applied within indexes when reordering the posts.


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