Adding videos from Youtube

You can add videos from Youtube to your website. 

Step 1. Upload your video

Upload your video to Youtube and then go to your video. 

Step 2. Copy Embed Code

To get the embed code, click the 'Share' button, which will either be an icon on the video screen or under the video as shown below. Screen_Shot_2017-11-05_at_7.40.24_pm.png

Click the 'Embed' button and then copy the embed code ready to paste into the editor. 


Step 3. Paste Embed Code in HTML Code Widget

Open the Add panel within the page editor. Drag the HTML Code Widget onto the page.

Simply Double Click on the HTML Code Widget and then paste in the embed code from your video.


Resize the video to a suitable size for your design.



Pro-tip: You can update the Width and Height values in the video embed code to be 100%. This will allow you to easily resize the videos within the editor.




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