Adding contact forms

Step 1. Add 'Contact Form' from 'Add' tab

Go to the 'add' tab on the left of your canvas and drag the form icon onto your page and position it where you want. 


Step 2. Customize the form design and form fields 

The first tab allows you to change the design of your form. You can change the font, size and colour. 


The second tab allows you to edit what fields you would like your form to have. Eg. Name, Contact number, Address. This is also where you add the email address/es that will be notified. 


The third tab allows you to change the background and border of your form. 

Step 3. Edit the details of your email notification

The fifth tab allows you to edit the details in which you will be notified of the contact form. 


Save and Publish.


Note that forms only work with sites hosted on this platform. When exporting a site to host elsewhere we recommend using a 3rd party form builder such as Wufoo. 




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