Adding tags to your blog

You can add tags to your blog posts. This means that you can have different index pages that show different posts. 

Step 1. Add a tag to a post

After creating your post, go to the page settings on the top left corner of the page:


Go to 'Post Tags' and add your tag name. For example, to separate your posts into past and future, you can create a past tag for all the posts you want to display on your past page and vice versa. 


Step 2. Add tags to your blog index.  

Next, go to your blog index page. Go to the sections tab of your index section, located in the top right corner.


Type a tag filter using the format tag=past to include only past posts. Note if you wanted to exclude past posts, you can use the format tag!=past.


Save and Publish. 

All the posts with this tag will now be displayed on that index page. 


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