Creating next/previous buttons or arrows

You can add a next/previous feature for your blog posts. 

Step 1 - Add next/previous buttons or arrows to your post

You can choose to have next/previous buttons or simply have left and right arrows to link to your next or previous blog post. 

To use buttons, simply add buttons from the 'add' tab on the left of your canvas and position them.


To use arrows, you can find arrow icons from websites like thenounproject

Once you have your icons, simply add them by uploading them as an image and position where you would like. 



Step 2 - Add the link to your arrows or buttons

Go to the links tab on the arrow or button and link them to 'next posy' or 'previous post'. This will now link the arrow or button to the next or previous post in your index. 

Please note that these linking options are only available when your page is a post. 


Save and publish


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