Creating personal layouts

You can create your own personal layouts that can be used across all your pages.  

Step 1. Create layout page

Add a new page to your site, go into the page settings and change the 'Type' to ‘layout’. Make this layout name unique to your site.


Step 2. Create layout in editor

Go into the page and build out your page or section how you would like for the layout. Do your tablet and mobile views and label each section. Publish your changes. 


Step 3. Import layout

Create a new page or go to an existing page. Go to the layouts tab on the left of your canvas. Here, there will be the names of the layouts that you created. 


Choose the layout page and the section that you want to import. Make sure that the active section that you are in is the one you want to replace with your new layout. Click on the section and this layout will be imported into the section on your page. 

Save and Publish


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