Creating a blog index

Once you have created your blog posts, you can then create your blog index. 

Step 1. Create an index page

Click the 'Add new' button and create a new page for the blog index. 

Please note that you can have an index on any of your pages, it does not need to be a new page. 


Step 2. Go to the index page and choose your layout options.

This is where you decide what your index page will look like. You can choose how many posts you would like in each section (1-3), what information you would like to include in your index and how you would like the layout of each bit of information (eg. Just an image and title).

To begin, go to the section settings in the drop-down box in the top right corner of the section.


Change the section type to ‘index’. From here, you can also choose how many posts you want in each section, how you want to order your posts (newest to oldest or visa versa). You can also choose if you want your index to be all on one page or each post on a separate page. Once you have finalised your options, click Apply.


Step 4. Build out your index layout.

Add your layers from the ‘add’ tab on the left of your canvas.


Step 5. Link each layer

Click on the layer and go to the settings tab on the properties box.

Choose ‘dynamic’ from the drop-down box and link it to the appropriate number and layer (image, title, etc). 



Do this for each layer. The content will be replaced with default text and will show the blog content when published.

This section will then be replicated for each 1-3 blog posts.

Step 6. Save and publish.


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